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Walking past a gorgeous hydrangea with a tiny cover of frost, I saw a big sugary lollipop from a particularly fine patisserie!

Morning walk

It’s that time of year when the trees are silhouettes that let the light through the branches, the mist hovers over the fields, the sunshine tries to break through. Time to wrap up and hear the ground crackle under the walking boots.


What I think I know

Grasses and weeds series
Grasses and weeds series

Is what I see the truth, or a blurred out vision,
is what I hear founded, or some distorted version?
If what I thought I knew has been shaken and stirred,
when I think I know, I only know I could be mistaken.

Let the sun shine

Yellow fields in the sun, dark trees in the shade, purple bells playing hide and seek with the light…
What a glorious time of year when mother nature lets the sun shine in.

Let the sun shine in
Let the sun shine in