Entangled by the meaning of art

The first time I went to Bridport Open Studios a couple of years ago, I met Sally Davies.  We had a long chat about art, photography, photoshop and going for it. When I saw her again at the 2011 launch last week, I was impressed she remembered me. I certainly hadn’t forgotten our conversation.

Sally works from her own original photographs and transforms them; some would say into works of art, some would disagree. Nothing new there.

How long did it take for photography to be recognised as art? Is technology any less of a tool than a paint brush, a scalpel or a hammer simply because it is more widely available? 

Here is an image I created a couple of years ago entitled ‘Entangled’. I still get compliments from its print on my wall.
I know some people don’t like it.
I know it has flaws.
I still love it.


And here is a link to Sally’s website:



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