Inn with rooms in rural Dorset

Inn with rooms in Dorset by natamagat
Inn with rooms in Dorset, a photo by natamagat on Flickr.

Collage of a photoshoot for the Greyhound Inn in Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset. Capturing the mood that Bridport’s CW Interior Design created was a pleasure.

L’Auberge du Lévrier -Greyhound Inn- est un pub bien Anglais au fin fond de la campagne ondulée du Dorset Occidental avec une bonne table appréciée des gens du coin. Les nouveaux propriétaires ont refaits les chambres avec des couleurs chaudes, des lits comfortables, des détails qui font la difference mais ils ont gardé des prix très raisonnable.

The Greyhound Inn Sydling St Nicholas 


Author: natamagat

Random thoughts from a French incomer in rural England. Interested in the love/hate relationship between the English and the French (unavoidable), community matters (they affect us whatever nationality), tourism (my original career with an MA in Tourism albeit a French one), photography (images speak a thousand words, although only the good ones), and words (mostly English words with a few French ones thrown in) Pardon my Franglais if you will.

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