Where have you been?

No post on Pardon my Franglais since January… Here is where I’ve been!

A weekly post for the Bull Hotel in Bridport has kept me busy, enjoying an art lesson, being treated to a wonderful massage (oh yes!), doing a behind the scenes mini-series…

Bridport and West Dorset Open Studios has been a great project to work on. As I can’t help myself, a few posts on artists and makers met along the way have made their way onto the site. Marion Taylor and her colourful West Dorset views, Sally Davies her digital art as well as exhibitions worth visiting. More to follow.

It’s been a real pleasure to meet interesting people who love what they do and want to share their love of art, their area, their work. What makes them tick, how they go about creating visual art and visiting their studios has been a great experience. We have new artists for this year as well as some that have been doing it for thirteen years. BOS 2012 will be a great mix of talent. (If you are an artist and live in or around Bridport, do get in touch, it’s not too late, yet!).

I’m also working on an interesting Community project ‘Beaminster Future’ , ten volunteers writing the Town Plan for the next ten years. We’ve had Open Days for the Beaminster Community to give us feedback on what is important to them so we can write a questionnaire with the issues they have raised. Once we’ve written the questionnaire on these priorities, got it back and analysed it, we’ll write a Plan and present it first to the Community then to the Town Council. It’s quite a challenge. We all want to reach all ages, all areas of town, want to make sure the whole Community knows about the questionnaire and most importantly fill it in. “We’ve heard it all before, there’s no point” is not a welcome reaction! So we’re working on it…

Busy with words and organising an event in August means there’s been less time for images but I can’t live without my camera, so a few clicks here and there have helped me keep sane… Just about!

Busy times, but good times!


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