Thorny times ahead


At your peril 

These are worrying times for Europe again.

French economist Thomas Pikketty speaking to a German newspaper reminds us all that Germany is where it is now thanks to its debt cancellation after the wars. A very interesting article.

“A restructuring of all debt, not just Greece‬ is inevitable”

A restructuring of Europe is inevitable, whether politicians, lobbies and people on the street can agree which way it needs to go is another matter. Thorny times indeed.


Author: natamagat

Random thoughts from a French incomer in rural England. Interested in the love/hate relationship between the English and the French (unavoidable), community matters (they affect us whatever nationality), tourism (my original career with an MA in Tourism albeit a French one), photography (images speak a thousand words, although only the good ones), and words (mostly English words with a few French ones thrown in) Pardon my Franglais if you will.

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