Let’s be curious children and still ask why

First published on The Lady Shed on 6/11/2015

My young man still a boy names Remembrance Day a peaceful picture, Poppy Day,
yet many sons and daughters of Britain draw a blank on Conscientious Objectors Day.
Why do our screens allow nothing but, the red paper poppy, of the Royal British Legion?
Why are other charities not allowed their flower fundraisers on taxpayers’ television?

Notwithstanding utmost respect for each and every British soldier
let’s remember the civilians who died in war, as well as each army fighter.
Why should any war created or encouraged still be glorified
or Remembrance Day forever more, be so militarised?

As I remember my British friends’ brothers and fathers,
dear friends who know that wars do not only affect others,
if I question please understand, it is not through lack of respect.
Every Remembrance Day, I also remember the grandfather I never met.

Let’s absolutely respect that it is their country’s uniform spirited soldiers want to wear,
but continue to wonder why the government that orders to kill, subsequently fails to care.
Why no doctors to inspire in our schools, when sporty soldiers have an open door?
Let’s be curious children and still ask why. Why are teenagers still going to war?

Politicians and generals of old drew fresh boundaries, oddly askew,
fictitious frontiers with no past or culture, new borders that benefit so very few.
My heart beats for beautiful Berlin, her civilians collectively forcing the wall to crumble.
Fictitious foes will forever be friends. Let us see hope in the world, however humble.

May all war victims rest in peace,
and may one day all children sleep peacefully at night.

Where the Children Sleep, Magnus Wennman, photography by Magnus Wennman.

War child charity
Veterans for peace charity


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