New studio for Hatha Yoga classes in Beaminster, West Dorset

May 2013 update: Tamara now teaches yoga from different locations, find her details at the bottom of the post.

When I moved to Beaminster three years ago, could I find a Yoga class in town? No. Disappointing. A few weeks back, I heard a new Yoga teacher had moved into Beaminster and she even had her own studio. Things were looking up.

Clean yoga studio

I’ve only been to three classes but I’m very glad Tamara moved to Beaminster, Yoga studio and all. First and foremost, I rather like the fact that Samhita Studio’s wooden floor is clean. Believe me, it’s not a given. I’ve been distracted by a fair few fluff balls and leftover crumbs in town halls or gyms over the years. The only distractions here are Buddhas, candles (and radiators!).

My last Yoga stint was a year of expensive Bikram back in London some years ago. A large hot room stuffed with lots of sweaty bodies. I’m after something more gentle these days. I want to relax and get rid of my back ache that has built up with so many years of sitting in front of a computer screen. Walking in our beautiful countryside is great but it doesn’t improve my posture.

Hatha Yoga

If Hatha Yoga is going to prepare my body and mind for meditation, as it’s supposed to, I want to be comfortable. So cotton mats on top of rubber mats get my vote: no slipping and no sticking. Then there’s the cushion on every mat. I can get my spine in the right place and meditate to my heart’s content.

Tamara even hands us a super soft blanket for the headstand. It’s all about being peaceful and at ease and I must say, by the end of the session, I feel totally relaxed and content.

Headstand did I say?

Yep. Never thought I could do it but today, I am confident I shall. I managed to get my knees on my elbows this week and Tamara assures me that’s the hardest bit. I can’t say it feels entirely natural, but somehow I felt safe. It’s a weird yet great feeling to get so close to standing upside down. I’m sure my brain can do with a bit of extra irrigation every so often.

Sun salute

I’ve always liked the sun salute but have never been able to achieve it as the seamlessly gracious series of postures that it is. I’m positive I’ll know it from beginning to end quite soon, right breathing and all. Tamara is quite methodical in her teaching. For each exercise – which she explains one step at a time, she makes sure we always breathe in the right place, explains the benefits of each pause and she keeps an eye on us, to make sure we get it right.

Tamara’s voice is deep and calm. The studio is peaceful and each session is inspiring and different. Apart from learning the basis of meditation, one of my favourite bits is the relaxation at the end. Tamara wraps us up in blankets so we are snug as a bug in a rug and her smooth voice takes us through an inspiring story or the benefits of Yoga.

My mind did wander off here and there, then I came back to reality. Relaxed. Can’t wait for next week when I shall push myself a bit further…


Tamara: 07754 628 449

2 thoughts on “New studio for Hatha Yoga classes in Beaminster, West Dorset

  1. I live in the local area and am looking for a local yoga class – can you tell me more????!!!! Contact details, where, when, etc.

    Many thanks.


  2. Here are the details Lise which I’ll also add on my post:
    The Samhita Yoga Studio, 25 Fairfield, Beaminster,
    Tamara: 07754 628 449

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