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Let the sun shine

Yellow fields in the sun, dark trees in the shade, purple bells playing hide and seek with the light…
What a glorious time of year when mother nature lets the sun shine in.

Let the sun shine in
Let the sun shine in

Rampisham masts, I will miss you

How weird will it be when we drive to Maiden Newton and there are no masts to tell us we’re nearly there?

One by one the Rampisham masts are being taken down.

Rampisham mast coming down

And to the ground they fall and crumble.

Rampisham mast taken down, January 2013.

A tiny pile of metal where once stood a giant.

A tiny pile of metal

Tall and proud they broadcasted British ways around the world.

Tall for a while

No longer needed, down they must come,

Fallen mast in Rampisham

and to pieces they must be torn,

Rampisham mast being torn to pieces by a crane

as a scavenger would a carcass.

crane taking a BBC worldwide mast to pieces in Rampisham

They stuck out like a sore thumb in the West Dorset heavenly countryside,
Equally were a stunning otherwordly man made addition come rain or shine.

For miles around, West Dorset views will never be the same.

Rampisham masts, I will miss you.

Inn with rooms in rural Dorset

Inn with rooms in Dorset by natamagat
Inn with rooms in Dorset, a photo by natamagat on Flickr.

Collage of a photoshoot for the Greyhound Inn in Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset. Capturing the mood that Bridport’s CW Interior Design created was a pleasure.

L’Auberge du Lévrier -Greyhound Inn- est un pub bien Anglais au fin fond de la campagne ondulée du Dorset Occidental avec une bonne table appréciée des gens du coin. Les nouveaux propriétaires ont refaits les chambres avec des couleurs chaudes, des lits comfortables, des détails qui font la difference mais ils ont gardé des prix très raisonnable.

The Greyhound Inn Sydling St Nicholas 

Entangled by the meaning of art

The first time I went to Bridport Open Studios a couple of years ago, I met Sally Davies.  We had a long chat about art, photography, photoshop and going for it. When I saw her again at the 2011 launch last week, I was impressed she remembered me. I certainly hadn’t forgotten our conversation.

Sally works from her own original photographs and transforms them; some would say into works of art, some would disagree. Nothing new there.

How long did it take for photography to be recognised as art? Is technology any less of a tool than a paint brush, a scalpel or a hammer simply because it is more widely available? 

Here is an image I created a couple of years ago entitled ‘Entangled’. I still get compliments from its print on my wall.
I know some people don’t like it.
I know it has flaws.
I still love it.


And here is a link to Sally’s website: